The funniest jokes and ‘memes’ of the AirPods Max

There are many features that have made the AirPods Max presented this week already giving something to talk about. Its design inspired by a mixture of HomePod, Apple Watch and iPad, interchangeable accessories and of course its price of $ 629, are the most talked about topics and also the inspiration for the funniest jokes and memes about the new Apple headphones.

Smart Case AirPods Max
AirPods Max Smart Case meme

Of course, social media has been the obvious place to share everything about the AirPods Max and YouTube’s most famous tech analysts and Apple leakers were the first to post their hilarious comparisons.

What do AirPods Max look like?

As one of the most surprising features, the AirPods Max price has been the number one excuse for making headphone mocks, followed by the Smart Case of the same ones that has been unanimously bought with a bra. Of course, the creators have shown that the same feeling can be expressed with many different images.

Although perhaps not because of these same jokes, it can be said that the launch of the AirPods has Apple in a very good mood, because the headphones have been an absolute success and are already sold out until March 2021. While this year, only some units in silver will be shipped from December 15, depending on each country.

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