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Although most smartphones abandoned this design due to the added fragility it entailed for terminals, you hardly have to look back a couple of years to see the brief passage of phones through the sliding camera mechanisms hidden behind the screen. Far from having abandoned its efforts, it seems that Samsung is again trying its luck with the new Galaxy A82 5G, a new version readapted to the new communication networks.

Specifically, this phone would imitate the Galaxy A80 of 2019, which surprised with a sliding system that was not only based on hiding the front cameras, but mainly converts rear cameras to front cameras, thus offering high quality captures and a notable saving in the size of the phone, eliminating in turn the need to incur any type of notch or cut on the screen. However, Samsung did not achieve the expected success at all, falling this smartphone soon into oblivion.

However, thanks to the experiences gained with folding smartphones and new roll-up screen designs, the company could have found a new way to optimize the operation of this system.

Samsung Galaxy A82 5G sliding camera

And is that with Samsung now launching most of the successors to its Galaxy A phones, GalaxyClub sources suggest that the Galaxy A82 will also arrive soon, probably after the also expected Galaxy A52 and A72.

So the scant details about the Galaxy A82 5G suggest that the phone is still is at a fairly early stage of development, so we are not expected to have their presence until at least the arrival of summer, if not even later. With a bit of luck, the next few months will serve for Samsung to forward some official information about it to confirm if it will finally keep this risky sliding camera design.

In fact, there are still strong doubts about whether this phone will arrive as a real successor to the Galaxy A, or if, as it happened with the initially known as Galaxy A81 (released as Galaxy Note 10 Lite), it will finally end up being converted to another of the company’s phone families.

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