The Government admits that it has transferred more than 2,500 illegal immigrants from the Canary Islands to the Peninsula News Spain

The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration acknowledges that it has already moved to more than 2,500 illegal immigrants from the Canary Islands to the Peninsula in the context of the migration crisis that the country is experiencing these months. In a response through the Transparency Law to OKDIARIO, the department led by Jose Luis Escrivá sheds some light on these controversial journeys.

« Without prejudice to what other departments involved may report in this regard, it is reported that they have moved a total of 2,035 people from the Canary Islands to the Peninsula within the framework of the humanitarian assistance program. It should be noted, on the one hand, that during the validity of the state of alarm no transfers have been made and, on the other hand, that 70% of the total of the people transferred have been in the months of September, October and November  » , says the Secretary of State for Migration, Hana Jalloul Mur, in response to this newspaper.

But the thing does not stop there. From December 11 until now, the total number of transfers has exceeded 2,500 people, as confirmed by the Government Delegation in the Canary Islands. They indicate that more than 20,000 people from Africa to the Canary Islands, of which 12.5% ​​have been transferred to the Peninsula. Regarding repatriations, these only reach 5% of the total.

The avalanche of immigrants has occurred aboard boats or cayucos in a very remarkable way. Given this, the Government has transferred a part of these people to different cities of mainland Spain. Some trips that have been made secretly, without providing data, not even to the mayors of those municipalities affected.

The Government justifies that the people who are put on flights to the Peninsula are chosen by vulnerability criteria or due to circumstances such as family reunification.

Immigration officers identify a flight full of illegal immigrants.

However, company employees Vueling -with which transfers are made- they affirmed that groups of immigrants are traveling with them on flights with documentation that, on occasions, has data that does not coincide or that it is perceived that it could “be false”, according to Europa Press.

The Canarian authorities point out that January, after the Christmas holidays, is a month of restart in the massive arrival of immigrants. For this reason, so that the archipelago does not collapse again, work is being done in different reception areas so that these people spend the first 72 hours. Although the works are carried out very slowly, the objective is to avoid the image of the Arguineguín Pier, in Mogán (Gran Canaria), where hundreds of immigrants were crowded together.

For his part, the Canarian president, Ángel Víctor Torres (PSOE), It begs the Central Executive to intensify returns to the countries of origin and transfers to mainland territory. In these claims, the partners of the regional government (Nueva Canaria, Agrupación Socialista Gomera and Podemos) are also being very active.

Vox request

Notably Vox launched a very direct request to the Government delegates in Madrid and the Valencian Community upon learning unofficially of the transfers. Santiago Abascal’s party sent a letter to both institutions so that the necessary actions be taken to locate these immigrants who have arrived since November 11 « during the night and without passing the mandatory health procedures. »

The Legal Vice-Secretary of Vox, which directs Marta Castro, asks the administrations for information on the current situation, « and individualize the protocols that could be derived once the Covid-19 tests have been carried out, given the situation of lack of control of the location and health status of immigrants. » They request to know what criteria they have been followed to determine the municipalities chosen, among other points.

On this writing, in the response to OKDIARIO, the Government concludes that they cannot inform whether or not what Vox is asking for will be authorized. «Once the request for information has been analyzed, it is considered that it incurs on the assumption that demands to be elaborate expressly using and crossing various sources of information « , they assure to deny the request.

53 million euros

On the other hand, they highlight that “the humanitarian assistance program aims to address the state of need of migrants who are in distress. situation of vulnerability and that they reach the Spanish coasts or are part of settlements with serious social and health risks and that require immediate action programs ”. They point out that the plan « includes the performance of different services, such as the reception of migrants, the transfer to reception centers, care in large cities or intervention in settlements. » They do not explicitly include carrying out a PCR test to find out if they are infected.

In addition, they specify that for this program « grants are awarded, through the direct granting procedure and charged to the budget of the Secretary of State for Migration to various non-profit organizations. » Thus, it is reported that «in 2020 financing has been granted in the amount of 53,635,350.88 euros to non-profit organizations to carry out the humanitarian assistance program.

Finally, they refuse to facilitate copies of transfer files because “the information is not available in the requested format since the data are recorded in a database that, for the sake of completeness, certainly contains personal data of immigrants (including in certain cases data from families with minor children) ».

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