The Government admits that weeks pass between the RCPs to the migrants arriving in the Canary Islands and their transfer to the Peninsula

The Government has reiterated this Wednesday that the transfer of migrants from the Canary Islands to the Peninsula occurs in a “punctual” manner and focused on people who are susceptible to international protection or vulnerable groups. Also that these people a PCR test was performed upon arrival by sea in the Canary Islands, which, however, became weeks before being taken to the Peninsula as happened this Tuesday in the case of some 200 people who arrived in Granada.

Several immigrants queue at the Muelle de Arguineguín, in Gran Canaria

The Government Spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, has assured that “all persons who enter Spain illegally by sea A PCR is performed on them a few hours after reaching the coast. ” As he has reiterated, the migrants who are or have been there before traveling to the Peninsula will have undergone a diagnostic test “in the first moments since they arrived.”

However, these words by Montero do not represent a guarantee that the people who have later been transferred to the Peninsula have not contracted the coronavirus afterwards, since Between the authorization for the transfer and the actual transfer, “weeks” pass.

This was indicated on Tuesday by sources from the Ministry of the Interior, who by ignoring the way in which the migrants were transferred to Granada or the reception device, clarified that the department of Fernando Grande-Marlaska it only deals with “authorizing” these movements.

Between authorization and transfer, they added, “weeks can pass.” and they pointed out that for several years now, new permits have not been given so that migrants can travel to another point of the Peninsula, something that is being authorized if they may need international protection or are part of a vulnerable group. In this way, for example, the people who arrived in Granada this Tuesday would have been asked aat least a PCR test several weeks ago, the time between authorization and transfer, assuming that they had just arrived in Gran Canaria.

Immigrants at the dock in Arguineguín, Gran Canaria.

The Government spokesperson did not reveal this Wednesday how many people have been transferred from the Canary Islands or to what other parts of the country and has assured that these movements do not occur between people who are in an irregular situation, but rather it is produced “in a controlled way”.

On the criticisms of political leaders such as the mayor of Granada, Luis Salvador, or the vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Marin, Montero has asked “maximum caution before making certain statements” not to link the virus “or with migrants or people from third countries” because “none of us are safe from transmitting it or infecting it.”

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