He government has published this Sunday, minutes before midnight, the decree law that regulates the closure of non-essential activities for two weeks, as well as the recoverable paid leave that the workers affected by the measure will receive. It specifies that all those companies that can’t stop “right away” Its activity will be able to open this Monday despite the closure ruled from March 30 to April 9, both inclusive.

As explained by the Government in the aforementioned decree, which can already be consulted in the Official State Gazette (BOE), “in those cases in which it is impossible to immediately interrupt the activity, the workers included in the subjective scope of this royal decree law may provide services on Monday, March 30, 2020 with the sole purpose of carrying out the essential tasks to be able to make the recoverable paid leave effective without irremediably or disproportionately damaging resumption of business activity “.

That is to say, that the workers of the sectors considered as non-essential and that, therefore, they should cease their activity according to the order to tighten the confinement, will be able to go to their posts in a normal way this Monday to leave everything closed in the face of the bolt decreed. by the Executive. A 24 hour moratorium that both the opposition and the businessmen had begun to claim through social networks, given the time it took for Pedro Sánchez’s cabinet to publish the decree with the details, since this Sunday had leaked an eraser that has been modified in any of its points.

Likewise, it is established that those transport workers that they are performing a service not included in the royal decree-law at the time of its entry into force, this Sunday with the publication in the BOE, “will initiate the recoverable paid leave once the current service is finished“, including as part of the service, where appropriate, the corresponding return operation.

The rule also establishes that companies that must apply the regulated recoverable paid leave may, if necessary, establish the number minimum workforce or “strictly essential” work shifts in order to maintain the essential activity. This activity and this minimum number of staff or shifts will have as a reference that held on an ordinary weekend or on holidays, details the Government.


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