The government of Nuevo León supports the economy … of Coahuila

Marco Pérez ValtierMarco Pérez Valtier Source: Félix Vásquez

Well, the mistakes of the present state administration seem to have no end, and on this occasion, the establishment closures During the weekends, they were the topic that saturated social networks, generating an almost general malaise among businessmen and consumers.

The clumsy and illegal handling of the pandemic, which is reflected in provisions that totally violate the rights and guarantees of citizens, even ordering businesses and establishments to prohibit access to children under 12 and over 65is clearly a clear example of these illegalities and blunders, since the provisions must be of a general nature, and in strict adherence to the powers that the Law confers on them.

And the worst thing is that they are imposed “for the good” of these groups “vulnerable”, When absolutely NO ONE has requested them, and we just need to be fined when we don’t take our medicines.

In a economy like ours, where six out of 10 workers are informalYes, and many of them live from day to day, simply “stay home” is not an option, since they have to go out to find their daily sustenance, or they starve, or the virus kills them.

Now, if the population, out of necessity or foolishness, does not take care of itself, the direct victim is the citizen, not the government, and there yes, the sanitary provisions grant the authorities all the legal force to “quarantine” the infected and confine them, even against their will, since they represent a risk to the health of the population, but not so, in the case of healthy citizens.

Only in extreme cases of curfew or Exception status, legally the government can restrict rights and freedoms of the citizens, which has never been the case, although some municipalities even put up “checkpoints” threatening freedom of movement.

On the other hand, it is understood the concern of our authorities in taking care not to “Saturate” the hospitalss, however, if there are no medical facilities available to care for the infected population, it will not be the “fault” of the government, so do not take powers that no one confers on you.

Clumsiness in not properly handling aspects such as el public transport, which DOES correspond to the authority, and which they intend to discredit with statements to the effect that saturated public transport it is not a source of contagion, it only adds to a greater discredit.

Nor have they been able to negotiate schedules staggered in the work centers, allowing more space for the mobility of workers, as they have not been able to regulate informal markets, where they continue to operate without restriction.

Not happy with all these mistakes, the last “stitch” of closing even shopping centers (which had never done it before), and forbidding even restaurants that directly served customers “to take away”, and only to delivery men, strikes in the absurd, and led the people of the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, to seek where to meet their needs, outside of Nuevo León.

This made the city of Saltillo crowded with people from Monterrey last weekend, since there no restaurant restrictions, shopping centers and churches, nor do they “protect” the vulnerable population.

And if the secretary of economy alleges that the losses calculated by merchants in Nuevo León are not as large as they estimate, since what is not bought on Saturday or Sunday can be bought during the week, ask the merchants of Coahuila how much their sales increased, in addition to the fact that meals outside the home, which are NOT made on weekends, are NOT going to be made on business days either.

At this point, the best we expect from this government is that it is over.

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