The Government has approved a unemployment benefit of about 440 euros for those temporary workers whose contract has expired after the declaration of the state of alarm and who did not have sufficient contributions to access any unemployment benefit. In addition, domestic workers who are discharged, or who are unable to work can also access a subsidy.

Specifically, the exceptional subsidy consists of 80% of the Multiple Effects Public Multiple Income Indicator (IPREM) and has, in principle, the one month duration, although it may be expandable if so decided, as explained by the second vice president and minister of Social Rights on Tuesday, Pablo Iglesias, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

To be able to access it, in addition to being a temporary contract, it must have had a duration of at least two months. Keep in mind that this exceptional unemployment benefit will be incompatible with the perception of any minimum income, inclusion income, social salary or similar aid granted by any Public Administration, as well as with any of the existing unemployment benefits.


The Government has also approved a subsidy for domestic workers who have been discharged, have been dismissed or are unable to work due to the limitations of the decreed state of alarm. In this case, it is intended for those professionals who have stopped providing services in one or more addresses, totally or partially, to reduce the risk of contagion from the pandemic. As well as those who have been dismissed as a consequence of the crisis.

In order to access this subsidy, the declaration signed by the employer or the letter of dismissal or the withdrawal of the Home Employees System from the General Social Security Regime.


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