The great snowfall in central Spain collapses Madrid and causes one death – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The whole country is on alert due to the cold storm Filomena, which also leaves abundant rains, wind and strong waves in other parts

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Madrid.- A great Nevada more than 24 hours, the capital of Spain and many other towns in the center of the country, where a person has died, rail and road transport is interrupted, hundreds of people remain trapped in their cars and the Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport still paralyzed.

The risk of snowfall is extreme in the border regions of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha and areas of the Valencian Community (east), where strong frosts are also announced in the coming days, which will aggravate the situation.

But the whole country is on alert because of the cold storm and the storm Filomena, which also leaves abundant rains, wind and strong waves in other parts.

In addition to a man who died buried by snow in the Madrid town of Zarzalejo, two other people were found dead today after a flood washed away his vehicle in the province of Malaga (south).

Shipping companies Balearia and FRS suspended scheduled departures between the ports of Ceuta and Algeciras, in the Strait of Gibraltar, for the third consecutive day, due to very intense gusts of wind.


The Nevada of Madrid it has left 33 liters per square meter in 24 hours, the largest in the city since 1971, sources from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) informed Efe.

The phenomenon, unusual in the capital of Spain, has left a white stamp of roads, highways and streets impassable for cars, but taken by hundreds of curious people eager to play and enjoy the snow, even with skis, despite the risks.

The capital is blocked with half a meter or more thick snow, according to the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, who today asked the regional government and the Spanish Executive « human and material resources » sufficient to face the storm, which may leave the city in a « very complicated » situation next week due to the « drastic drop » in temperatures.

For now, it is only possible to move on foot, something very difficult and dangerous due to the risk of landslides, or in the subway, which suffers occasional cuts; urban and interurban passenger transport does not work, trucks are prohibited from circulating and private cars can only move with chains on their tires, although the authorities ask to avoid any unnecessary movement.

In the city, urban tunnels, parks, sports and cultural facilities will remain closed today and there will be no garbage collection.

Many homes have been left without water, due to the freezing of the pipes, without electricity and without heating, with outside temperatures below zero degrees, according to several of those affected.

Similarly, some 27,000 customers are without electricity supply in Castilla-La Mancha, the majority (18,500) in the province of Toledo, adjacent to Madrid.

All educational centers in both regions will be closed at least on Monday and Tuesday.


The storm keeps three main roads closed, two of them in Toledo, and 45 secondary, while the chains are mandatory to circulate on 611 roads and ports, according to the latest data from the General Directorate of Traffic.

The Military Emergency Unit, which helped free more than 1,000 people trapped in kilometer-long lines of cars, continues to work to clear the highways that bypass Madrid and those that connect the city with the south, east and west.

Motorists spent the night between despair, resignation and complaints about the delay of rescue and emergency teams, totally overwhelmed by the countless calls for help received.

Thousands of trucks remain in emergency parking lots in other regions, waiting for weather conditions to improve to be able to cross the center of Spain.

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