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The greatest sadness, Miley Cyrus lost her faithful friend Mary Jane | INSTAGRAM

With tears in their eyes, the faithful admirers of the former Disney star ended, because from social networks, Miley Cyrus said goodbye to her faithful friend, her dog Mary Jane, and to say goodbye to her she has written one of the most emotional songs of his entire career.

That’s right, the famous and controversial star is currently going through a painful moment, as she herself mentioned, it is one of the most painful of her entire life, it is well known that the 28-year-old girl has always remained very attached to her pets, and this time unfortunately she has had to say goodbye forever to her faithful canine friend, Mary Jane.

All this was discussed by the celebrity with much pain through her Instagram account, Cyrus said that Mary Jane was diagnosed with Cancer and that he had to sedate her to avoid any type of pain and suffering for this difficult disease, as well as to avoid harsh treatments.

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With a beautiful and nostalgic video, Miley flooded the networks with the tears of her followers, when she finished watching this audiovisual content, where she says goodbye to her faithful companion, with beautiful words and images, and the song plays in the background.

At the same time, the famous rockstar decided to dedicate some other words to her, full of love and sadness, making her fans feel empathy for her, there were even those who were identified with the pain of the loss of a great friend, as have been her respective pets.

“I wrote this song in Malibu years ago on a piano in a house that no longer exists. About my dog ​​Mary Jane, who is now gone too. Much has changed over time. Above all, me ”, the singer began in her publication.

And affirming that music is his medicine, he explains that the melody revolves around loss and anguish, due to what he is experiencing after the loss of his beloved pet.

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“MJ was a true queen. He wore his grace, dignity, and goodness like a crown. She will never be forgotten and we will miss her forever. To know her is to love her. It has been an honor to be her mother and her best friend ”, she concluded with the text of the publication.

« I thanked him repeatedly as he took his last breath for who and what he has been to me. He was more than just a friend or a family member. Something so different. You can’t define him. An incomparable love, » says Miley’s song.

True to his style of expressing his feelings through music, Cyrus shared with his followers a farewell video with the song he wrote for Mary Jane. Undoubtedly a very emotional letter that has made more than one of his millions of followers cry.

In addition, a few hours after sharing this video, Cyrus dedicated himself to sharing another, from when he had just written the lyrics, just in the year 2018, in this clip, we can see Miley inside a recording studio, interpreting the beautiful letter he wrote to his friend, who, at that time, was still alive.

Both videos gather around 4 million visits, and thousands of comments where friends, family and loyal fans of Miley have dedicated words of encouragement to her, and many others thank her for the beautiful words that she dedicated to her friend, in addition to For the fact of having given him such a good life, surely Mary Jane was one of those faithful and affectionate pets, and she will always carry her in her heart.

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