The greats of the Ibex still have gasoline to continue gaining positions

The Spanish selective continues to show signs of strength despite revaluing by 30% in the last month and it is that the most important values ​​of the Spanish selective have improved their technical prospects in recent days. Thus it seems likely that we can see the Spanish index attack the level of 8,375 points or even 8,500 points before the end of the year.

Technical analysis

The Santander it has appreciated by more than 85% from the annual lows in September. These important gains have helped it to overcome, this week, the key resistance of 2.49 euros. This is a sign of strength that makes us think about an extension of the gains, in the coming weeks, up to the level of 3 euros, prices where it presents the bearish gaps of the month of March. To this day, the bank continues to show signs of strength in its price series.

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The BBVA it has substantially improved its technical aspect in the medium term by managing to overcome, in recent days, the key resistance of 3.87 euros. The bank has appreciated more than 65% in just over a month and we do not rule out ending up seeing an extension of the gains to the resistance band that it presents at 4.50 euros.


Iberdrola It is one of the Ibex 35 values ​​that offers the best technical perspectives. For about a month it has been trading in a side band after managing to pierce the all-time highs. Electricity is shaping a trend continuation figure, so we will be very aware of the appearance of a close above $ 11,565 since it would make us think of an extension of the rises to at least the level of the 13 euros.


Repsol has substantially improved its technical aspect by getting above the average of 200 sessions. In the month of November, the company has revalued around 70% although it is currently shaping a throw back at the level of 8 euros. At these prices it seems quite likely that we will see the entry of purchases again. The first target up is at 8.98 euros. If you manage to exceed these prices, we could end up seeing an extension of the profits up to the level of 10 euros.


Telephone it has overcome the resistance of 3.60 euros which allows it to face the average of 200 sessions. The company has been moving below this average all year. If in the end it manages to exceed the average, we could end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 4.20 euros. Below the key support is at 3.26 euros, the minimum of the last correction.


Important technical improvement that we have seen in Inditex which has managed to overcome, after an excellent month of November in which it has appreciated by 30%, the key resistance of 26.79 euros. In recent days we have also been able to see how the resistance of 26.79 euros was overcome, which shows the current strength of purchases and the continuation of gains up to the level of 30 euros, prices that could reach in the coming weeks.


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