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Twitch has become the streaming platform for gameplay par excellence and the new record set by the streamer The Grefg has just reaffirmed this qualification. The Spanish managed to gather more than 2.5 million viewers during a live show that was related to the Fortnite video game, thus marking a milestone for the platform.

Not long ago Jeff Bezos’ multi-purpose company Amazon had invested more than $ 1 billion in Twitch (via) in hopes of positioning it as the leading platform for streaming content related to the gamer world. And it seems that his vision has paid off.

Now the streamer The Grefg, famous for his broadcasts especially focused on Fortnite, managed to gather just over two and a half million viewers in one of his live shows. This number is not only the highest mark that Spanish has ever reached, but it also represents a milestone for Twitch and for any live streaming platform.

During said online event, The Grefg presented for the first time an exclusive from Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite. It was nothing less than a skin with his own appearance that was customized by himself and will be available through the in-game store. For more than a year, the content creator had promised the arrival of this outfit, so since before its transmission there was a certain level of expectation on the part of his followers.

Grefg is the first and only Spanish speaker to be part of the Epic Games and Fortnite Icon Series. It is a series of skins, or outfits, based on the appearance of the most famous streamers worldwide. Although the presentation of Spanish lasted almost five hours and initially had the figure of 700 thousand visitors, during its highest point it reached the mark of 2.5 million connected users, thus breaking its own record.

Last December the same streamer had already reached large numbers in its broadcasts, no less than 660,000 visitors during one of its live shows. Its new figure is not only triple what it had established in previous months, but it is also the highest mark for both the video game platform, as for any of its kind focused on live broadcasts.

David Cánovas Martínez, better known as The Grefg, one of the most famous content creators in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world. His profile on Twitch with more than six million subscribers has made him a preponderant figure in the gamer world and an opinion leader across the network at only 23 years of age. He also has a channel on YouTube.

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