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The Empire is shipwrecked, although there are ways more worth dying than this mess. It hurts me no matter how much it is, because I learned to love its lights as much as to abhor its shadows. Between hope and fear, for years I have been heralding a revolution in the United States. I don’t know if it comes around, but the symptoms are disturbing.

There are omens of totalitarian regimes. But there are other ways to overthrow democracy than a vulgar confiscation of power by a despotic clique, in fact we are witnessing something more perverse: the invalidation of the democratic methods of choosing the government.

The current picaresque epilepsy between Biden and Trump is disabling the procedure, from which it is not known what kind of government will emerge. It is only predictable that of necessity it will not be a good government. The institutions will be weaker than the current ones.

The skeleton will weaken and the social body will be shipwrecked in a gelatinous mass, which will lead to the triumph of inorganic adventurers like Trump and violent gangs like the ones we have been seeing in a country where there are more weapons than people.

Another clue: the Federal Reserve is only right, or wrong, to flood the veins of the economy with an ocean of inorganic money. What will result from that misadventure? The same as the electoral masquerade: nothing good. And the worst thing is that we do not know what it will be.

For example, as companies know they don’t have to produce anything because un-backed dollars from the Reserve flood them, research and development collapses, the proverbial American inventiveness is crumbling. And consequently even the jewel in the crown deteriorates: the military-industrial complex. Their weapons no longer serve their purpose.

We have seen Yemen attack Saudi refineries with impunity because the American missiles that supposedly defend them are only laughable. No wonder nobody wants to buy them. The debacle, in short.

Thus Rome sank and was overwhelmed by a barbaric religion that demolished its culture and plunged the empire into a long era of obscurantism, fanaticism, and inquisition. Will the same happen with the United States? If the coronavirus is of any use to us, it is to herald the barbarism that awaits humanity if it does not take the path of socialism. Rosa Luxembourg he dictated it to us a century ago.

Faced with the decline, the response has been to promote the worst it has, that is, Biden and Trump, it is impossible to know which is more unfortunate. Only the style distinguishes them, false in both cases. Neither mild is the outlaw Biden nor is the thuggish Trump genocidal. They are two symmetrical adulterations.

In the midst of this anxiety, Venezuela is maintaining syndication, which imposes on it the exciting duty of setting the tone on how to save the world from this pandemic of nonsense. Centuries of history contemplate us.

Roberto Hernández Montoya is a Venezuelan writer born in 1947. He has presided over the Rómulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies Foundation (CELARG) since 2001. Bachelor of Arts, specialist in Discourse Analysis Studies at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences, in Paris France. He also directs, together with Roberto Malaver, the program As you can see, which was broadcast on Venezolana de Televisión on Sundays, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today, when a single reality tries to cover the world, the one that comes packed from the media and political power centers, from the large capitalist corporations, from the international and Creole right, Roberto is invited to”. (Federico Ruiz Tirado).

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