The Hubble Space Telescope has its own Instagram account

There are influencers of all kinds. And as proof of this, the success of the official account in Instagram from NASA the Hubble Space Telescope, which brings together more than three million followers on this social network. And it is that, for years this account has been dedicated to publishing the most impressive images captured by the famous telescope and that only thanks to it can we enjoy.

Hubble is a telescope whose circular orbit is outside the atmosphere, traveling through space at no less than 593 kilometers above sea level. Its name was received in honor of the astronomer Edwin Hubble and this 2020 has celebrated 30 years of longevity. Was an April 24, 1990, on the STS-31 mission, when Hubble would be put into orbit for the first time, being a joint project of NASA and the European Space Agency.

The telescope is famous, in addition to having served to carry out various missions over the last three decades, for the spectacular nature of the images it is capable of capturing, which bring us closer to the grandeur of the universe. From photographs of our neighboring planets to brightly colored nebulaeYou have everything at hand on your Instagram account!