The Ibex anticipates soft gains and continues to offer good feelings

He IBEX 35 anticipates soft gains and continues to offer good short-term sentiment after overcoming resistance last Friday. Although this consolidating levels in the last days and the coronavirus pandemic remains uncontrolled, investors are still looking for positive catalysts, such as new stimuli what do you plan to announce Joe biden this Thursday.

By technical analysis, the Ibex “continues to consolidate levels after overcome key resistance at 8,322 points. Its technical aspect is good, since the selective is shaping a bullish continuation figure, “he says. Cesar Nuez, an analyst at Bolsamanía.

“For the next days”, adds this expert, “everything seems to indicate that We could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the 9,000 point level. The first level of support is in the 8,200 points. As long as it remains trading above this price level we will not see even the slightest sign of weakness in its price series. “

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