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These Christmas chests hide the best gift for your skin

With Christmas just around the corner, the days in December seem to fly by and we hardly have time to carry out everything that we have pending on our agenda. Although this year the parties are a bit atypical and they will not be as we were used to, now there are fewer guests at home, fewer events on our calendar … there are inescapable and inherent things at this time of year that help us maintain the illusion own of this season. One of them is to decorate the house and the other is to start thinking about the gifts with which we are going to surprise our people, or with which we are going to want to be surprised. SEE GALLERY And despite the fact that everything seems to indicate that physically this Christmas we are going to have to be apart, in the year in which we have discovered the advantages of teleworking and virtual meetings, opening gifts for the whole family together, even if it is In the distance and with a screen in between, it can be a great idea to keep that festive spirit and unity. It is a time to be grateful, to be generous and to make our people happy. To pamper them with small gestures and with those gifts that we know they will like, such as treatments with clinically proven efficacy that adapt to the needs of their skin. Or also, why not, to give ourselves a gift that makes us feel good. It is a classic at this time not to know what to give, especially if we have been in the family for many years and we have the feeling that we have exhausted all possibilities. To this we must add that it seems that today we all have everything, but you are closer than you think to get a smile from that special person these holidays. Sensilis Christmas chests are the perfect gift because they adapt to the needs of the skin of each one, whatever you are looking for in a treatment: firming, eliminating wrinkles, redefining the facial oval, or an extra hydration or nutrition, among others. VIEW GALLERY DISCOVER YOUR IDEAL PACK These are our favorites: Christmas Pack Upgrade [AR] It is a pack specifically designed for the most sensitive skins. Contains Upgrade [AR], this year’s flagship product and already Sensilis’ top seller. Upgrade [AR] It is a very light sorbet cream that is absorbed almost immediately and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness so it is also ideal for skin with redness. In addition, it reduces wrinkles up to 43% in a month and calms redness in an hour. This cream can be used both day and night. In its composition, the Gingko Biloba with decongestant and soothing action, the red rice provides elasticity, firmness and tone, and the Cm-Naringenin-Chalcone protects and soothes stressed skin. The box contains two more products as gifts (valued at € 47). Includes Upgrade Eyes given the importance of treating the eye contour area with specific products. Specifically, Upgrade [Ojos] corrects wrinkles, blurs bags and dark circles thanks to its caffeine content that stimulates microcirculation and Hammamelis that decongests the eye area and three Upgrade ampoules, which provide an immediate firming and illuminating flash effect. They are ideal for the most important days. Price: € 50. VIEW GALLERY Christmas Pack Upgrade [Crema Día] Do you need extra hydration and nutrition? This is your ideal pack! It consists of Upgrade [Day Cream] It has a melting texture that, in addition to hydrating, provides immediate and lasting firmness to the skin, elevates the features and redefines the facial oval from the first application. The Christmas Upgrade Pack [Crema Día] It contains as a gift (valued at € 47): Upgrade Eyes and three Upgrade vials. Price: € 50. VIEW GALLERY Christmas Pack Upgrade [Night Cream] The Christmas Pack Upgrade [Night Cream] Contains the latest Sensilis innovation. A balm cream that allows you to resynchronize the circadian rhythm of your skin during the night and feel a firmer, more rested and youthful face when you wake up. Among its ingredients, Bakuchiol stands out, known as vegan retinol and designed to counteract the signs of aging. Contains upgrade gift [Eyes] and three Upgrade vials. Price: € 50. VIEW GALLERY For 40 years, Sensilis, the brand that was born in a Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory, defines itself as an expert in sensitive skin, hence its name that comes from the Latin term Sensibilis, which means sensitive. In a world in constant transformation, in which external factors, such as climate change, pollution or blue light from mobile devices and computers, affect our skin, and more and more women have sensitive skin and are more concerned about The products they use, the origin of their ingredients and their sustainability, at Sensilis are not alien to this trend and that is why they have created Sensitive Skin Lab. A protocol based on these 5 pillars: respectful and responsible formulas with the environment, scientific honesty , thanks to their real and proven promises in sensitive skin, pharmaceutical rigor, sensoriality, with the development of new and surprising textures in their treatments, and sustainability, since they have taken the commitment to eliminate plastic from all their packaging and are 100% biodegradable.

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