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A sweet and healthy breakfast? Vanesa Lorenzo has the recipe you were looking for

As a review of the healthy habits with which you can lose weight (or maintain it, as the case may be) while feeling great, we presented you the 10 superfoods that will make people talk in 2021. But, also, to start the day On the right foot and enjoying the food that for many is the most important of the day to the fullest, healthy bowls have become the fashionable method to mix good-for-you ingredients in a colorful bowl with multiple properties. Celebrities already know them and recipes are prepared such as the detox breakfast with cleansing benefits by Tamara Falcó, or the yogurt with muesli and fruits by Malena Costa to eat sweets first thing in the morning without sacrificing their ‘great guy’. The last to present the delicious dish that she takes when she wakes up has been Vanesa Lorenzo, because the model has just shared on the networks the best option for those who wake up hungry in the morning. VIEW GALLERY -Follow today the 5 keys to the diet with which to live longer and have a great guy These are the “Good morning!” by Vanesa Lorenzo: a healthy alternative to the traditional milk bowl with cereals in which not only ingredients suitable for those who love sweets are mixed, they all hide benefits that will convince you to replicate the recipe at home. Milk is the main protagonist of this bowl and for those who prefer an alternative of vegetable origin, today there are many options such as almond, soy, oatmeal, rice … or even banana drinks, perfect for girls who they do a lot of sports because it accelerates muscle recovery and helps them perform more in training. The fat-burning fruit Strawberries are the fruit ration that cannot be missed in the recipe, a food that Irina Shayk also takes as a snack between meals and of which the experts discover its incredible benefits both for the skin and to maintain the shape: “Powerful Low-glycemic antioxidants are key to achieving a more youthful and vital face. In addition, they help reduce accumulated body fat, which is normally ‘fixed’ through foods with a glycemic index greater than 50 “, explains Raquel González , Director of Education for Perricone MD. The specialists also praise this variety and the red fruits for their purifying and diuretic capacity and their high content of vitamin C. VIEW GALLERY -The best anti-aging formula of Vanesa Lorenzo is not in her toiletry bag The ingredient to avoid weak nails And it also includes walnuts, the dried fruit that many celebrities always carry in their purse to calm their appetite between meals and that, in addition to having a great satiating power, also help keep nails in good condition now that manicure is the star of the looks of beauty: “Foods rich in good fats such as those that contain olive oil, salmon, walnuts or avocado, as well as vitamin A (carrots, eggs, chard) or calcium (milk, broccoli, spinach) are very important. , almonds) “, explain from ORLY about the tailored diet to avoid weak and brittle nails. The final touch: muesli and chocolate To finish Vanesa Lorenzo’s easy, healthy and super satisfying recipe, the muesli and the chocolate chips will be in charge of giving you energy without spoiling your diet: the first is a cereal rich in potassium, fat ‘ good ‘and fiber, the latter a substance famous for keeping the stomach full even hours after eating. As for chocolate, it can be very good if you choose the right variety, the one that has more than 70% cocoa is the one that the models always choose and, this 2021, the Slow Life House nutritionist, Laura Parada, pointed out to the carob as a healthy alternative with a very similar flavor: “This legume, the fruit of the carob tree, is emerging as a worthy substitute for chocolate, capable of ‘giving the punch’ and sweetening any dessert with only 1% fat content. nutritional level stands out for its high content of vitamins A, B1, B3, B3 and D and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and calcium. Free of gluten, it also has great antioxidant qualities thanks to its levels of tannins “.

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