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With a length of almost one and a half meters – 141 cm to be exact – and a total surface area of ​​2,423 square centimeters, Mercedes Benz presented its Hyperscreen; the stunning display that forms the dash of your next EQS electric car.

The Hyperscreen operates with the new version of the MBUX, the Mercedes Benz User Experience that the German brand has developed for several years, but this time, it will extend across the entire front of the vehicle, from the driver’s controls to the passenger’s console, integrating an intuitive system capable of offering personalized suggestions to each user regarding entertainment, comfort or vehicle functions.

The new panel of the Mercedes EQS isIt is made up of three OLED screens, protected by a resistant last generation Gorilla Glass and it has an eight-core processor, 24GB of RAM and memory bandwidth of 46.6GB / s.

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The first part of the Hyperscreen is located on the driver’s side, where it displays the entire instrument cluster with travel speed, power regeneration, etc. In the middle part is the largest of this impressive 56-inch panel, and there will be visible the navigation map as well as the controls for the audio and some other functions such as air conditioning and others. Finally, we come to the part that unfolds in front of the co-pilot, which has more entertainment elements, and which will also offer personalized profiles for the different co-drivers who can get into the vehicle. Something that is striking is that de agreement with Mercedes Benz, the MBUX Hyperscreen will be able to reproduce audiovisual content, including streaming movies or television series in countries that allow it.

The Hyperscreen is the first preview we have of the EQS, the first 100% electric Mercedes Benz sedan and expected to be available sometime in 2022.

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