The inconsistencies Peter Jackson found in Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson may continue his career as a filmmaker, but he will always return to his baby: the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now that his two trilogies on Middle-earth have become a topic of conversation for their release in 4K format, the director has confessed that throughout the process of restoring the tapes, he found some visual inconsistencies in the films of Frodo Baggins. and company.

In addition to the fact that these visual inconsistencies correspond to notorious changes in color between The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King, among these three there is also very little continuity with the visual style that the director presented with the Hobbit trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings 4K Peter Jackson

Jackson explains that the reason for these graphic problems is due to the formats in which his original trilogy was filmed twenty years ago. While today most filmmakers and cinematographic works are shot digitally, during the context in which the triad of films was forged, celluloid was still proven.

“The Lord of the Rings was shot in 35mm. The color synchronization was done in an old-fashioned photographic mechanical way for the first film, ”shared the director. “Then we switched to digital color sync at 35mm for the next two. We can modify individual colors, something we couldn’t do 20 years ago, so it’s fun to have all these toys now. We didn’t have all these things to play with in the old days.

The Lord of the Rings 4KImage: Nerd of the Rings Channel

Both Warner Media and Peter Jackson agreed that releasing the Lord of the Rings trilogy in 4K format required a complete restoration of the material from scratch and not simply scaling the formats as some other edits do. According to the reviews of some media, the new versions of the trilogy in the large format have gained in color and now you can see details that did not appear in the DVD editions of yesteryear, nor in the most recent Blurays.

The Lord of the Rings 4KImage: Nerd of the Rings Channel

By the time the Hobbit movie thirds were produced, Jackson had the magic of filming digitally, so color and image correction were simpler tasks to perform and also allowed for visual continuity between the three films.

“It is always difficult to make something that was filmed over a long period of time feel consistent,” added the New Zealander. “Even though there are six films, there was no visual coherence just for the moment they were made. It’s great that movies now look like they were being shot at the same time. “

The hobbit

Both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit have already been released in 4K format. It is expected that by the middle of 2021, a new collectible edition, called “Ultimate”, will be made available to the public, and whose main attraction will be to have new extra material that has not been placed in any previous edition.

Exactly the following year, The Fellowship of the Ring will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its theatrical release.

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