The incredible gesture of a community of neighbors with the cleaning woman after losing her job

The kindness of a group of neighbors has gone viral thanks to a video shared on Reddit, in which it is seen how the residents of a block of flats surprise your cleaner with an amazing gift to thank you for your loyalty.

The video explains that Rosa, a cleaner, has worked in the same building in New York for 20 years, but recently he lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic, so he had to go with his family to a sister’s house.

The video says, “Everyone loves her. So we decided to give something back to the woman who gives so much to everyone. Has no idea. He’s about to get the attic. “

Rosa is taken to the top floor, which has just been remodeled, with the pretext that he is there to clean it before the arrival of new tenants.

The woman took a tour of the property, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and comes to comment: “I hope you like cooking because this is the perfect kitchen. “

Afterward, they take her out onto the terrace, where they take in the views of New York City before heading back inside, and they say, “Many people in this building are great. his admirers and they love her very much. “

“I know it has been a difficult year for you and your family and there have probably been many financial difficulties. We think it made a real impact on the people here in the building and they want to give you something back. “

It is then that they reveal to Rosa that the neighbors had come together to rent the penthouse from you for two years so that her family could move out of her sister’s house and give her time to recover financially.

She is incredulous and immediately bursts into tears saying “This is not real!” as they hand over the keys and the house contract.

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