The Initiative project will be a universe with different games

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Part of Xbox’s strategy for this new generation is focused on a strong lineup of first-party titles and to this end, Microsoft formed Xbox Game Studios, which will concentrate the portfolio of creative teams that are working on new games for the environment. brand gaming. Among them, The Initiative project is one of the most striking, although nothing is known, except that the team is made up of creatives who were part of major productions in recent years. This has given rise to a wave of rumors, and the most recent one refers to the proposal that would be forming in this Dream Team.

According to a report from Wccftech, an insider who participated in the XboxEra podcast revealed information that accounts for The Initiative project, which has been rumored to take place in a universe created from Perfect Dark and from which it is known to have been defined as the first AAAA game. In that sense, the insider pointed out that, more than a game, it would really be a universe that would unite different related games, so, as an example, he compared it to the Black Mirror franchise: “all those Black Mirror episodes they are interlinked, they take place within the same universe. When I talk about The Initiative game, I am not saying that it is exactly like Black Mirror, but it does look like that. They are just things that we are listening to. I know that an episodic format is part from this”.

Subsequently, the insider pointed out that this decision, from his perspective, might not be so well received by Xbox fans, especially since the expectation is that The Initiative is working on a single player title with narrative and with a very high production. quality.

So far, we repeat, it is not known what The Initiative’s game is about, so this information should be taken with caution.

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