the intriguing story of three aliens who claimed to be from Venus and were never seen again

The eternal discussion of whether there are aliens among us has several arguments, which are supported by witnesses who claim to have had contact with alien beings. Believing out of simple trust is complicated. But when there are several witnesses to the event, it is necessary to at least pay attention to the story.

Scientifically it is impossible for us to be alone in the universe. In the Milky Way alone, our galaxy, there are between 100 and 400 billion massive stars. So, logic tells us that one must have a planet orbiting it that meets the capabilities for the development of life as we know it.

But from there to the existence of a civilization that has already visited us is a long way. In fact, the stories related to these phenomena come from our own Solar System. In the 1950s, two men and a woman who claimed to be from Venus attended a ufology convention and were never seen again.

How is the story in which they even claim to have seen UFOs?

The story is much less intriguing. according to review Ambitoccurred in 1954, at the ufology convention held in the United States.

In this type of convention, people who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials or who claim to have seen an unidentified flying object (ONVI) meet. The experts put the information together and investigate which ones may be true, false, or coincidences with airplanes.

The one in 1954 was held in Monte Palomar, San Diego, California. There the world met Dolores Barrios, a woman who claimed to be from Venus. She arrived at the convention site along with two subjects, who were also supposed to be Venusians.

Dolores Barrios, supposed Venusian

One of the specialists at the convention was George Adamski, known for his stories about links with humanoids from Venus. Adamski testified years later that the woman and the two subjects arrived to undermine his theories.

What happened to these people? His appearance matched Adamski’s personification of Venus humanoids. They asked them where they came from and they never denied that they came from our planetary neighbour, and when a Brazilian journalist wrote them a note and took photos of them, they went into the forest annoyed and were never found.

There are testimonies that in the days after this episode a UFO was seen leaving that forest. There is a myth of the time that ensures that the Venusians live among us.

From this story they searched for them by their names and appearance. They were never seen again.

Science says that it is impossible for life as we know it to develop on Venus. It is our planetary neighbor, but it is closer to the Sun than we are. So that makes radiation, at least humans, kill us in a short time.

This scientific theory is supported by the absence of a protective atmosphere over its orbit. So far there are no indications that life has existed on Venus before or that it will develop in the future.