The iPhone 12 is the best launch in 6 years

According to a team of Wedbush analysts led by Dan Ives, Apple shares could rise up to 29% compared to their current values ​​supported by the best iPhone launch of the last 6 years.

iPhone 12 Pro blue
The new iPhone 12 Pro

We already knew that the launch of the iPhone 12 had been a success, but it seems that this great start is not going to end anytime soon. Apple’s stock currently stands at $ 124, and Wedbush Securities’ team of analysts just finished update your Apple price target to $ 160, before it was 150.

According to the study, which echoes Business Insider, iPhone 12 5G Demand in the US and China is Stronger Than Expected initially:

“With more order activity in recent weeks for the iPhone 12, our initial readings are very bullish and give us increasing confidence in our supercycle thesis on the iPhone 12”

As they comment in their analysis, the only iPhone with a similar growth trajectory to the iPhone 12 was the iPhone 6 in 2014. That has been 6 years, but the iPhone 6 broke all Apple records.

«For the key China region, demand remains very healthy with strong pent-up demand for updates heading into the holiday season for this latest iPhone 12 5G, which we would characterize as Apple’s strongest product cycle so far since the iPhone. 6 in 2014«

iPhone 12 Pro on a table
New iPhone 12 Pro

Many iPhones are in “the window of an upgrade opportunity”

In the analysis it is assessed that there is many iPhones currently on the market that need updating, what they call “upgrade window of opportunity.” This will lead to an “unprecedented update cycle for Apple.”

350 million of the 950 million iPhones worldwide are currently in “the window of an upgrade opportunity”

According to analysts, Apple could sell more than 240 million iPhones in 2021. The forecast so far was about 215 million units, so the numbers are much higher. They have also pointed out the importance of a market as big as China. It looks like 20% of iPhone updates will come from that region over the next year.

Are very good news for Apple and the iPhone 12. The company’s four new devices are selling better than expected and a very promising 2021 awaits them.

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