The iPhone could be the dataphone in the future thanks to this purchase from Apple

A millionaire acquisition of Apple has generated suspicion about one of the next technologies that the company could develop. As learned through a post on Bloomberg, Apple has bought the startup Mobeewave Inc., thanks to the technology available to turn iPhone into mobile payment terminals.

Given the Apple’s immersion in digital wallet service and financing for its customers It has a history that until now, can be considered successful, it seems logical that those of the bitten apple want to go one step further in this area.

Apple acquires startup to enhance its mobile payments ecosystem

According to official Apple sources, the company paid $ 100 million for Mobeewave Inc. But beyond confirming the agreement, he did not offer more than his standard statement in these types of situations:

“Apple buys smaller tech companies from time to time and we generally don’t discuss our purpose or plans.”

According to the demo available on the Moobeewave website Credit card payments can be seamlessly accepted “with a tap on your phone”. What this means is that a buyer can simply touch their credit card or smartphone on the back of the smartphone to process a payment. The system works through a Mobeewave application and NFC technology.

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There are a variety of ways that Apple could incorporate this technology into the iPhone or other products and into its financial services ecosystem hitherto comprised of Apple pay, the Apple card and Apple Wallet.

The news of the Mobeewave acquisition was released shortly after Apple CEO Tim Cook will speak about Apple’s strategy to acquire other companies. In an effort to differentiate Apple from other tech companies that could focus on acquiring potential competitors, as it did previously with the Dark Sky weather application, and the company focused on the use of virtual reality for live events NextVR.

Considering Cook’s statements and the current scenario where the social network of the moment is for sale, many also wonder if Apple would be interested in acquiring TikTok.