‘The island of temptations’ returns with a unique mermaid and bonfire and with people known among singles and single women

The format of The island of temptations returns with a third season to Telecinco tonight (10 pm) and does it with important new features that will add even more pressure to the day to day of its participants.

We remember the mechanics of space: five couples are separated and each member will live to one luxury estate surrounded by people of the opposite sex (eleven single men and eleven single women) who will try to seduce them, putting their love and the trust and stability of their relationship to the test.

Sandra Barneda is once again the presenter of the space, of the galas on Thursdays and Sunday debates, in addition to the intermediary and confidant on the island, where he will receive the participants in the so-called ‘bonfires’, where both can see pictures of their partners and if they are being unfaithful.

And what’s new? In the first place, the couples will be separated just as they arrive, with little time to say goodbye. On the other hand, there will be a “light of temptation”, a luminous siren that will indicate when a slip is being made in the other house, without the participants knowing who is being unfair.

On the other hand, Barneda has ensured that in this edition, “the most emotional”, there is a bonfire like never seen and that “it has no adjectives.”

In addition, among the new single men and women there will be familiar faces, such as Rubén, who already participated in that role in the first edition, when he had a torrid affair with Fani Carbajo. Not only that, between the single women there will also be a famousIn addition to the fact that among the women who come looking for love there will be those who are not unknown to some singles.

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