The Javis do not recognize Terelu, who participated in ‘Paquita Salas’ in ‘Mask Singer’

This Wednesday, Antena 3 broadcast a new installment of Mask singer: guess who sings. With the help of Eva González as guest researcher, Los Javis, Malú and José Mota faced one more night with the arduous task of finding out the names of those who hide under the costumes of the program.

The first match of the night faced Poodle and Piglet, and Poodle won it. He was victorious after revealing that he has no partner and that he is a great fan of plants and motorcycles. And it is that, his interpretation of the subject Firework Katy Perry did not leave anyone indifferent, and served to appease the very same Pig, one of the favorite characters of the format.

Fernando Tejero, in 'Mask Singer'.

For her part, Piglet unburdened herself and said she was sick of everyone talking about her continuously. What’s more, he assured that he would love to be invisible to try to know what they say about her. On this occasion, he opted for Chas and I appear by your side, without losing his characteristic and deep voice.

Then a new clue, but this time physical: one of her nightgowns. The second duel of the night faced the Raven and the Peacock, and all the researchers agreed that the latter is Pastora Soler. Then came a truelove starring Catrina, Girasol and Camaleón. Finally, and after the vote of the public and the researchers, Piglet was the one chosen to reveal her identity.

Pig is Terelu Campos

Already during the gala, José Mota advanced that she was a woman with a great sense of humor, something in which he was right. However, all the researchers were wrong when betting on Bárbara Rey, because finally Cerdita turned out to be Terelu Campos. Eva González could not contain herself and shouted: “The mother who gave birth to her!”

To date, the journalist is one of the contestants who has managed to mislead and generate intrigue until the end. Very surprised, she pointed to Los Javis for relating the track “Bárbara” with Bárbara Rey instead of Bárbara Valiente, a role that Campos herself plays in Paquita Salas, series created by themselves.

This is the same as with Pepe Navarro, who they did not recognize either despite having worked together recently, as the communicator made a cameo in Poison. The moment it became known Pig’s identity, the networks burned with memes about the reaction of the Mediaset universe knowing that one of the most emblematic faces of the group has passed through the competition.

Javier Ambrossi had some very nice words for Terelu, assuring that thanks to the appearance in the program he would get them to see her as he sees her: a professional as a pine tree, brave, funny and who still has a long way to go on television. Campos also revealed that her relationship with royalty, one of Pig’s clues, is that her daughter Alejandra Rubio had gone to the same educational center as several members of the royal family.

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