The judge files the cause of the works of the Podemos headquarters but maintains the investigation on Neurona

We can did not divert the planned money for the reform of its new headquarters, located in Ciudad Lineal. This is how it is proven in a car signed by the judge Juan Jose Escalonilla, in which the magistrate agrees to dismiss the case denounced by the former lawyer of the training José Manuel Calvente. The complainant accused the party of having inflated the budget of the work to divert it, an extreme that the judge rejects. Of course, Escalonilla sees proven that Podemos did not tender the works correctly, although that does not constitute a crime. However, it keeps those of Pablo Iglesias accused in the case that it investigates electoral payments to the consulting firm Neurona.

The parliamentary spokesperson for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, during a plenary session in the Congress of Deputies.

As recalled in the letter to which you have had access 20 minutes, in one of his complaints (most of them already filed), Calvente exposed the divergence between the bidding price of the headquarters rehabilitation works (just under 650,000 euros) and its final cost (1,361,055 euros). However, the magistrate, after listening to the different witnesses, attributes this difference to the fact that the first budget “did not correspond to reality.”

“He pointed out that in said Basic Project the total price of the material execution of the reform works was valued in the amount of 630,710 euros, which in the Execution Project was increased to 649,936.68 euros as a result of minimal variations on the Project Basic. He stated that for this reason the award of 1,236,661.14 euros corresponded to the real market price, also clarifying that finally the cost of the works amounted to 1,498,680.51 euros, after a deviation of the work , for improvements, equivalent to 21.19% of the total amount “, reads the document in reference to a key statement in the case, that of the project architect, Manuel Campos Garcia.

What the judge does ugly to Podemos is that will not “really” bid the works of its headquarters, “breaching” the law on financing of political parties. To make matters worse, Escalonilla cites the provision that states that “the contracting procedures of political parties will be inspired by the principles of publicity, competition, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discrimination.” Those who did the work were directly contacted by the architect in charge of the work, without public tender. Although this does not constitute a crime, as the magistrate recalls.

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, during his speech in Congress.

“Said lack of public bidding for said rehabilitation works does not constitute any crime. And in relation to the existing divergence between the bidding price of said works and the award price, it is incidentally accreditedAs previously stated, it was due to a valuation of the works in the Basic project and in the Execution project not in accordance with the market value, with the purpose of paying a lower amount for the tax of Constructions, Installations and Works, without therefore stating that with the money for which the works were awarded, payments other than the rehabilitation works carried out in the building were made, “the order continues.

The complaint in which Calvente accused Podemos of committing a crime is also on file. alleged crime of disclosure of secrets and violation of privacy for, supposedly, having accessed the lawyer Marta Flor’s computer without her permission. The judge says that if confirmed, it would constitute a crime, but that he cannot prove it since there is no complaint from the affected party.

In another car, Escalonilla agrees no dismissal of the cause in which it is investigated whether the consultant Neurona carried out electoral work in the general elections of 2019 for which they received more than 350,000 euros or if they were simulated. In addition, he maintains Podemos as an imputed actor. According to judicial sources, it does so despite the fact that “there are no indications” of any crime derived from the proceedings carried out, as they result “more guarantor“for the organization.

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