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SNK has shown the first trailer and images of The King of Fighters XV, the return of the fighting saga that was announced in 2019. It will be launched throughout this year and platforms have not yet been announced, although this information could be known next week, which is when another new video will be shown. The King of Fighters XIV was released on PS4 in 2016, and a year later it made its way to PC.

Producer Yasuyuki Oda commented in the introduction video that the time has finally come to reveal The King of Fighters XV. Eisuke Ogura, creative director, explains that with KOF XV they have sought to keep up the fast pace of the game and in the process have added new elements that make it more exciting. “Now we can do things in graphics and sounds that were impossible when we developed KOF XIV, so we take our time to refine each piece. Now we are focused on polishing each feature and optimizing the game. I expect some obstacles in our way, but the plan is to have it ready for this year. “

Next week there will be a new trailer and regular information is promised. There is also a promotional animated short “Directed by someone very special. Fatal Fury fans might know him from those awesome ’90s movies. That’s right, I’m talking about Masami Obari. King of Fighters’ favorite fighters will be in this animated short along with the song from the King of Fighters. game, don’t miss it. “

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The first video View KOF XV graphics and game animations or footage, although for the gameplay we will still have to wait a bit. About its predecessor we tell you that “The King of Fighters XIV is the return through the front door of one of the most important and representative sagas of the genre. A good template of charismatic characters and a combat system as deep as it is vertiginous are its main cards presentation, giving us fun and variety in each battle we fight, and encouraging us to want to improve to reach the top. It may not be the most cutting-edge game of the generation or the most extensive or attractive in terms of modes, but I know it knows how to put up a good fight, more than enough reason for you to give him a chance if you enjoy this exciting genre “.

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