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Cryptocurrencies also enter the NBA and they do it squarely. A franchise, Sacramento Kings, will implement them as valid in its contractual relationships with workers in the near future. Whoever wishes can take part in this initiative, charging the part they want in bitcoins. This was announced by the owner of the team, the Indian Vivek Ranadivé, at a clubhouse meeting. “I am going to announce in the next few days that I am going to offer all the people of the Kings to collect whatever part they want in bitcoins, including the players,” in statements collected by Neil Jacobs.

The Kings are the most advanced organization in the NBA in this regard. They have been offering fans the possibility of establishing business relationships with them since 2014, for example when buying tickets and season tickets, in this way.

The way, the procedure and the consequences of this action, without a doubt revolutionary in American sport, remains to be explained. As a precedent to consider, Russell Okung: This NFL player was the first in this American football league to convert salary mass into cryptocurrencies, up to 13 million.

Ranadivé, from 63 years, is a tech mogul, so it is less surprising that he enters this world. This entrepreneur, holder of a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University, created two renowned companies in the software sector.

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