Apparently Jordan did not tell the story in all sincerity of his time with the Bulls | Kevork Djansezian / .

“The Jordan Rules” author Sam Smith charged Michael Jordan and claimed that the remembered 23rd Bulls in the NBA told several lies in the documentary The Last Dance.

After the last two episodes of the 1998 ESPN series about the star and Chicago Bulls aired, his former partner Horace Grant publicly refuted his claims that he leaked insider information to journalist Smith for his work published in the early 1990s.

Smith also claimed that Jordan was not completely honest during interviews for the documentary. “There were several things I saw, that he made up or lied about,” he said during a recent interview.

In addition, the communicator made it clear that “His Majesty” shared his stories in a very superficial way and took advantage of the leading role they gave him for the compilation of events from those years.

“There were no important things, but it was like when a television movie appears and they say this is based on a true story. That was what he did.”

Also, Smith hinted that the alleged episodes of “poisoned pizza” were meaningless. “In the end it was a complete and blatant lie.”