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The story of the first The Last of Us is one of the most emotional in the history of videogames and since Naughty Dog decided to rely on a deeper narrative, it would only be a matter of taking a step so that what Ellie and Joel experienced could be considered from the perspective of another medium. Today, we know that HBO is preparing a series inspired by the franchise and that Sony has such plans for some of its IPs and it is all part of a large-scale plan, as Jim Ryan pointed out.

PlayStation has big plans to exploit your IPs in other media

During his participation at CES 2021, Jim Ryan, CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, took a moment to discuss the division’s plans for the IPs that are part of the exclusive PlayStation catalog, which is known to there are 7 series in preparation. In that sense, Ryan pointed out that both the The Last of Us series and the plans around other IPs are only the initial part of a new foray into other media, which makes one think of film and TV: “This is just the beginning of the expansion of our narratives to new media and even wider audiences. Sony is a creative entertainment company and entertainment has never been more important.”

Thus, everything indicates that in the future we will see different perspectives of PlayStation franchises, probably Uncharted, God of War and even recent proposals such as Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima.

What PlayStation franchise would you like to see in a series or in the cinema?

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