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By now, it’s safe to say that The Simpsons predict, with almost no mistakes, a good deal of the events that occur in modern society. The creators attribute this to the fact that “art imitates life”, but is there something more supernatural behind it? We want to believe not, but the truth is that, in recent months (2020 and early 2021), the number of reflexes – presumably involuntary – has been high, with several parallels between animated fiction and reality.

Without further ado, we present the most recent predictions of The Simpsons.

The outfit of Kamala Harris and Lisa Simpson

recent predictions the simpsons

They did it again! This time, the coincidence came when Harris took office as Vice President of the United States. At the inauguration ceremony of the new administration, the Executive wore a purple jacket with a pearl necklace and in the episode called “Bart to the Future” Lisa becomes president and is seen wearing practically the same outfit. He also highlights that in the chapter he says that he will correct an economic crisis started by former president Donald Trump.

Tom Hanks speaking about the government

recent predictions the simpsons

Another of The Simpsons’ recent predictions. The Forrest Gump actor recently headlined a virtual event celebrating the arrival of the Biden-Harris duo to the White House. In the yellow family movie, Hanks had already addressed government affairs, saying the following (via): “Hello. I’m Tom Hanks. The United States government has lost its credibility, so it is borrowing part of mine, “and finally ends with:” “If you are going to choose a government you can trust, why not this one?” .

Disney’s purchase of Fox

recent predictions the simpsons

It seems that the writers of the show set in Springfield drink something that allows them to get many things right, because in the episode “When You Wish Upon a Star”, season number 10, a sign of 20th Century Fox is displayed that underneath says “A division of The Walt Disney Company”.

A virus from the Asian continent

recent predictions the simpsons

Within the episode “Marge in chains”, from season four, it is reported that a virus has arrived in Springfield from Asia, properly called Osaka Flu. When the news of their existence is given, the inhabitants go into a panic attack.

Killer wasps

recent predictions the simpsons

In the aforementioned nervous breakdown, a citizen accidentally breaks a box containing “killer wasps,” releasing these insects, which attack poor humans with their venom. Interestingly, in May 2020, several giant wasps were actually sighted in various areas of the United States.

The Texas Mayor Scandal

recent predictions the simpsons

Mayor Diamond seemed too cheeky when, in the same episode, he said he would not leave Spriengfield because of the pandemic, only to reveal that he had gone on vacation to the Bahamas and that he had set up a fund to pretend he was still in town. . Well, something similar happened to Steve Adler, mayor of Texas, when he recorded a video asking to respect the quarantine, but in reality he was in Cabo San Lucas with his family.

Political unrest in January 2021

recent predictions the simpsons

The following of the recent predictions of The Simpsons is one that emerges from his most recent House of Horror, in season 32. Titled Election Day of Horror, it focuses on the apocalyptic scenario that occurs when Homer-how not- forgets to go to vote to fall asleep, thus unleashing an atmosphere of chaos in Springfield, which involves the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and several robot machines, type Terminator. Okay, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s worth mentioning since, in the series, this happens on January 20, 2021. The closest thing was when on the 6th of that month the riots broke out in the Capitol.

the simpsons predictions

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