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When it was introduced Lightning Along with the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple’s argument was that it was digital, smaller, powerful, and reversible. Almost ten years later and as in 2012, many believe that Apple needs to evolve, and there is already talk of alternatives to the popular cable. However, today we will move away from that argument and review a little of the origins of the popular Apple cable.

Lightning cable prototypeLightning cable prototype

According to a post seen on the AppleDemoYT Twitter account, known for sharing Apple prototypes, the first prototypes of Lightning cables, did not have one of their main hallmarks today. Lightning was marketed as a major improvement over the old 30-pin iPod connector, primarily because of its ability to be reversible. But this discovery casts doubt on whether that was the case from the start.

The first Lightning lacked one of its most popular features

Looking at the first prototypes, it can be seen that Apple had included the icon that tells the user if they are using it correctly. It is very similar to what was on the iPod connectors, although it is more rounded to represent the shape of the Lightning connector itself.

Although the eight gold pins still appear on both sides of the cable, it is possible that at this point in development, the cables were not reversible but they had the necessary hardware components to do it in the future, justifying the presence of the logo.

At the time, the Lightning was well received for its reversibility, even in light of the controversial change, but now, Apple seems to be trending in the direction of MagSafe as the preferred method of charging your iPhone, so it is taken for granted that the end of the Lightning is very near.

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