The Lille people of Retail Shake want to “scan” all commerce

We’re sort of a GPS, with a satellite view », Summarizes Irwan Djoehana, founder of this Lille startup. ” Retail Shake takes a photo but also reconstructs the film since most of the data is historized “. In the world of competitive intelligence, he is obviously not the only one (such as SimilarWeb, Paarly, Sindup, Meltwater). Some players are already collecting prices or customer reviews.

But we are, to my knowledge, the only ones to offer a 360 ° analysis to identify for example a broken price but which has no stock behind, to note that a novelty does not put before a photo of enough good quality, to be able to link the data to a BCG matrix (Editor’s note: to determine investment and working capital requirements), to analyze star products and deadweight …

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