The Lower House approved Defense funds with Republican support, despite Trump’s requests

15 minutes. The Lower House of the United States (USA) approved this Tuesday the National Defense Authorization Bill (NDAA, in English) for 2021 that allocates 741,000 million dollars for the Pentagon and is opposed by the outgoing president, Donald Trump.

The project was approved by 335 votes in favor and 78 against. These are enough to override the possible presidential veto that Trump threatens.

The text, 3,000 million dollars higher than that of 2020, is now in the hands of the Senate.

Trump has been asking Republican lawmakers for weeks to reject the bill for including provisions he opposes. It also does not include some of its priorities, such as the repeal of Section 230.

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The outgoing president also opposes the rule imposing the renaming of military facilities that commemorate the Confederation. Also, that it shields the US military contingents in Germany or South Korea.

Trump announced in June a drastic reduction of the 34,500 active soldiers that the US has in Germany, but this project would prevent the execution of his plans.

“I hope Republicans in the Lower House will vote against the weak NDAA, which I WILL VETAR. It should include removing Section 230 (for national security purposes), preserving our National Monuments, allowing 5G, and troop reduction in foreign countries, “Trump said this Tuesday in Twitter.

However, a large group of Republicans in the Lower House ignored the president’s requests and approved the Defense Bill that has been in negotiation for months with Democrats. It includes new initiatives to confront China and salary increases for the troops.

“The stronger the vote, the less chance of having to deal with a veto later.”Congressman Mac Thornberry, the highest ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, told reporters.

Although the favorable vote was strong, the future of the project is not entirely clear. The Republican leader himself in the Lower House, Kevin McCarthy said he will oppose any effort to override a presidential veto.

In addition, the project must be definitively approved before the term of the current Congress expires on January 3 or it will be invalid.

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