The main cities and the dinosaurs that inhabited them

January 24, 2021 | 5:00 am

Christopher R. Scotese, geologist and palaeogegrapher, is responsible for the PALEOMAP project, a visualization platform that allows locating any geographical point on earth, from the present to 750 million years ago.

So it is possible to know at each selected point, what was and how long ago the first algae, the first vertebrates, the first dinosaurs or the first flowers appeared, among others.

These are some of the results.

Dinosaurs in Mexico

750 million years ago, the earth was in the cryogenic period, during which glaciers covered most of the earth. In this period the first red and green algae appeared.

Mexico 750 million years ago- Taken from

240 million years ago the earth was in the early Triassic period, of which one of its main characteristics was a low oxygen level caused by the extinction of many land plants.

Mexico 240 million years ago. Taken from

In Mexico, a fossil from the Cretaceous period was found that corresponds to the Huehuecanauhtlus dinosaur, a herbivorous species that lived in terrestrial habitats. It is estimated that it could measure almost three meters high and six meters long.

Scientists found traces of this species in the Barranca los Bonetes in the south of Tiquicheo in the state of Michoacán.

Huehuecanauhtlus. Taken from


The now capital of the United States government records the appearance of the first terrestrial plants approximately 430 million years ago, in the Silurian period, in which there was a mass extinction that wiped out almost half of the species of marine invertebrates.

In this period, the first terrestrial plants emerge, starting at the edge of the ocean, and develop the ability to transport water and nutrients through their tissues.

Washington 430 million years ago. Taken from

Dinosaur remains such as the Grallator, a carnivorous species that lived in the Cretaceous period, have been found in that area.

Remains of this species have also been found in places like China, England and France.

Grallator. Taken from

There is also a record of the Astrodon dinosaur, a herbivorous species of terrestrial habitat. It is estimated to have a body mass of approximately 28,264.6 kilograms and its fossil femurs are two meters long and 36.5 centimeters wide.

Astrodon. Taken from


It is currently the capital of Russia, where the Kremlin is located, a set of civil and religious buildings that was declared a World Heritage Site. This place 750 million years ago was covered in ice.

Moscow 750 million years ago. Taken from

300 million years ago during the late Carboniferous period, plants developed root systems that allowed them to grow and move inland, and oxygen increased with the proliferation of land plants.

In that region there is a record of Colymbosaurus, a type of carnivorous marine reptile. Although it was not a dinosaur, it coexisted with many as it lived during the late Jurassic. The first Colymbosaurus fossil was discovered in 1874.

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