the manga welcomes ‘Super Hero’ with these brutal color illustrations

There are less than 48 hours left for the premiere of episode #91 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. V-Jump magazine unveiled the color illustrative design of its March 2023 issue. And the true protagonists of this new arc occupy the main spotlights, which refer to ‘Super Hero’.

At first, many of us thought that Trunks and Goten would solve the threats that were to come to Earth, in the Dragon Ball universe. But later it was revealed that what is coming in this arc, which is titled ‘Super Hero’ is that it will develop the events experienced in the film.

In this way, for the premiere of #91 of the manga, Toyotaro slipped the pair of referential covers to Dragon Ball, in this month’s V-Jump magazine. First of all, the cover of the March issue features the two protagonists of the saga: Piccolo and Gohan.

None appears with the new transformations that we know they will achieve with the advancement of the adventures, while they face each other; first to Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, and then to Cell.

Secondly, when they enter number 91 of the manga, Piccolo and Gohan appear again, but this time accompanied by these three threats from the Red Patrol and Pan.

The images were shared by the Hobby Consolas site. Dragon Ball Super fans are happy that Pan is starting to take center stage, but upset that Trunks and Goten have once again been used for filler situations.

Dragon Ball Super manga 91 March 2023