The Minister of Health of Murcia and other high officials were vaccinated last week against Covid

The Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, was vaccinated last week against Covid. Not only him, but all the senior officials of his Department and officials of the Ministry and the Murcian Health Service, as has been recognized by the Ministry to various media. However, it is not the responsibility of these positions to be vaccinated now, since health workers and social health workers first have to be immunized in the first line, as stated in the national vaccination plan.

After the residencies, according to the Vaccination Strategy against Covid-19 in Spain, the group that has priority to be vaccinated is the “first-line health and social-healthcare personnel and other healthcare and social-healthcare personnel based on the risk of exposure”. Neither the counselor Villegas nor the other positions had to be vaccinated at this stage.

They have also done so before all health personnel in the Region are vaccinated. “During Thursday and Friday they vaccinated everyone who wanted of the Ministry “, some witnesses explain to Ser string.

The counselor Villegas admitted that he received the first dose of the vaccine “last week” and justifies that his “management team It is an essential part of the management of the pandemic. ”

Villegas’ justification

Once the first round has been concluded in nursing homes and centers for the disabled and although the administration of the first dose to all health personnel in hospitals and health centers has not yet been completed, understands that the priority vaccination protocol is respected, since “initially the first line has been administered and later and in parallel, when the vaccination capacity was expanded, to the rest of the professionals who have requested it “.

These include the SMS and the counseling, including its owner, the doctor Manuel Villegas, as well as the workers of the health system, public health, epidemiology, trackers, laboratory or inspection, since “All professionals who request it are vaccinated”, in addition to those who are undergraduate or specialized health training and hospital volunteers.

The order for vaccination established between the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities is, firstly place, nursing homes and centers for the disabled; second, first-line health personnel; third, other health and social health personnel, and fourth, large non-institutionalized dependents.

“Avoid breakouts”

According to sources from the Murcian council, “the priority objective is to avoid outbreaks in any type of regional health facility working on pandemic management “.

They explain that they began vaccinating all their staff and those of external cleaning, maintenance or transport companies that work in them and the managers who requested it in nursing homes for the elderly and for the disabled. Then, to all the public and private health centers, first of all to the first-line staff and currently to that of outside firms that work in them.

Citizens request the resignation of Villegas

Ciudadanos, the partner of the PP Government in Murcia, has requested the resignation of counselor Manuel Villegas. “The vaccination protocol is very clear” and that should “leave office”, has demanded Ana Martínez Vidal, regional coordinator of Cs in Murcia and company counselor.

“The vaccination protocol is very clear in the Region of Murcia. The Counselors are not yet vaccinated and it is very important that we be exemplary. This behavior is not permissible. The Health Minister must assume his responsibility and leave office, “Vidal wrote in a tweet.

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