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A discussion that wrestling fans like to keep is which fighter has the worst shot or has had the worst shot of all time. There is a lot to choose from. Each one has different ways of rating it. But there is no doubt that one movement that is on everyone’s list is the Skull Crushing Finale of The Miz. Because let’s say that it gathers all the reasons for it to be so because it is too simple, it does not look powerful nor is it showy. Of course, it cannot be said that its owner has not been of much help since he debuted it on August 10, 2009 on Raw when he also debuted his famous slogan: «Beacause I’m The Miz… .. And I ‘m Awesome’.

► Titus O’Neil throws a dart at The Miz

The Miz vs.  Roman reignsThe Miz vs.  Roman reignsThe Miz applying his Skull Crushing Finale to Roman Reigns – WWE

One of the many people who have this maneuver on their list of the worst shots ever is Titus O’Neil; in fact, the retired wrestler recently called it the worst stringing ever done. He did it in an interview with Nathalie Mamo for the WWE YouTube channel. Unfortunately for everyone, he did not give any explanation for us to understand why he considers it that way. By the way, without wanting to get into any controversy, whoever was WWE Couples Champion or 24/7 Champion has never had an interesting auction either; his Clash of the Titus was also too simple, it did not look anything powerful nor was it showy. Will the “A-Lister” answer?

For now, Titus O’Neil just throws a dart at The Miz. Perhaps he still holds a grudge against one of the many times they saw each other in the ring of the McMahon wrestling empire. They did it on a total of 52 occasions, adding all kinds of fights. Although of all of them there was only one heads up, on March 10, 2013 in a non-televised event that was won by The Miz. They never had a rivalry against each other. On the other hand, they did have some interesting fights, like the pitched battle for the Intercontinental Championship that they shared in Battleground 2014. It was precisely The Miz who won the victory back then.

And waiting to see if the recent attack by O’Neil provokes a future fight between the two – we can rule it out – while both continue with their lives. The Miz has recovered the Money in the Bank briefcase so it seems (if nobody prevents it) that he will have at least one other chance to be crowned world champion. Titus O’Neil doesn’t spend much time on the ropes but not long ago he returned to Raw for a shot at the United States Championship from Bobby Lashley.

Titus O’Neil face off with Bobby Lashley on Raw – WWE

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