The monumental confusion of Manu Tenorio in a question about music in ‘Pasapalabra’

Film and TV The musician confused two very famous film sagas

Cowboy and Manu Tenorio in Pasapalabra

The return of ‘Pass word‘ with Roberto Leal As a presenter he is leaving us great moments every afternoon and, as usual, one of the tests in which laughter is assured is in the musical.

This has happened in one of the last programs when they have had to face Manu Tenorio and J. Vaquero. “I love it! It is not a song to use, it is a film saga what we are looking for“Leal began explaining before the show put on 5 seconds of the iconic soundtrack.

Star Wars?“answered Tenorio without much conviction after pressing the button.”Don’t ask me to sing it because it doesn’t have lyrics“I blurted out to the presenter when I asked him to continue the topic.

After not knowing how to hum the song, Roberto Leal explained that “I’m not going to give you a hard time because it’s not that saga“Cowboy, who admitted he had applauded believing the answer was correct, tried his luck with”Superman“, but I was not correct either.

However, the next clue in which the Andalusian recited a phrase from the film was decisive: “No one calls me a chicken“Tenorio, faster than the comedian, pressed and took the points to confirm now without a hint of doubt:”Return to the future!