The monumental New York sculpture the Vessel is closed

15 minutes. The monumental New York sculpture The Vessel, inaugurated in 2019 as part of the Hudson Yards real estate project, closed its doors indefinitely after recording the third suicide in less than a year.

The Vessel is a complex spiral staircase made up of more than 2,500 steps over 45 meters high. This closed its doors on Tuesday, a day after a young man jumped from the structure, one of the tourist attractions of New York.

This is the third person who jumps into the void from this building; Last December, another 24-year-old girl committed suicide in the same place, and another 19-year-old did it in February.

According The New York Times, a spokesperson for Related Companies, the company responsible for the construction, stated that the structure is “temporarily closed”. Similarly, the company is in talks with experts in suicide prevention, including psychiatrists, on how to limit more possible deaths of this type.

However, a member of the local community council told the outlet that a representative from Related Companies confirmed that after Monday’s suicide, The Vessel would remain closed “until further notice.”

The monumental sculpture

The sculpture, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, was described by him as an interactive work of art composed of 154 flights of stairs connected by 80 landings, which visitors must explore to enjoy views of New York and the nearby Hudson River.

At the time of the Hudson Yards opening, The Vessel, which cost about $ 200 million, was presented as one of the centerpieces of what was described as the largest private urban project in US history, which involved an investment of about $ 25.00 billion.

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New York : New York tourist attraction “Vessel” closed after chain of suicides; the last one was a young man suspected of killing his mother