The Mossos prevent the eighth march by Pablo Hasel in Barcelona from colliding with a contrary demonstration

Police officers from the Mossos d’Esquadra riot police have deployed a strong police cordon on Comte d’Urgell street in Eixample in Barcelona, ​​at the height of Còrsega street, to prevent the half a thousand people who demonstrate from 7:00 p.m. (They have been summoned in Plaza Doctor Letamendi, in front of the Treasury headquarters) they come across a march of the opposite sign that is in the Plaza de Artós.

Seventh night of riots in Catalonia due to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél.  Barcelona once again became the epicenter of the protests in which the radicals once again faced the Mossos.  The revolt weighs in the central neighborhoods where the residents are not willing to make it a daily thing.  The night left images of citizens rebuking protesters from their windows or going down to place the containers that the hooded men used to form barricades.  In Badalona they left a graffiti for the mayor, Xavier García Albiol, with a threat: "Albiol, look under the car".

At the beginning of the eighth rally that takes place in the Catalan capital against the arrest and imprisonment of the Lleida rapper, those summoned have cut Aragó street and they have shouted insistently: “Freedom Pablo Hasel.” The protesters have also chanted other slogans, such as “‘1-O neither forget nor forgive” and “Fascists out of our neighborhoods.”

After being called to walk to the Plaza de Artós, in the district of Sarrià, where at 8:00 p.m. a far-right counter-demonstration began, They have run into a Mossos cordon at the intersection of Carrer Comte de Urgell and Carrer Paris.

It was then that a small group of violent protesters made a barricade with garbage containers and has thrown glass bottles from one of the containers at the police Catalan at the height of Villarroel street with Paris.

As reported by Sanitaris by the Republic, a photojournalist has been injured for the launch of one of these glass containers. The agents deployed have proceeded to charge against this group of attackers.

The Mossos d’Esquadra have published a message on their official Twitter account in which they recall that, on the eighth night followed by protests in Barcelona, the body’s Mediation agents are still active. They claim that, for the time being, no interlocutors have come forward from the protesters.

The Mossos, in parallel, have proceeded to Identify this afternoon 15 of the thirty people who participated in the ultra convocation of the Plaza de Artós under the motto ‘Cercavila festiva. Espanya is not cream ‘(Festive parade. Spain does not burn). One of those identified had an order not to participate in a demonstration and the police have warned him.

After 9 pm, and after the police charges registered after several announcements by the public address system, The protesters in support of Hasel have been dispersing through different streets of the Eixample and the situation of tension has been calming down. The organizers had made a call to move to Plaça de Catalunya, in the heart of the city, where around 9:20 pm there are already numerous Mossos vans, but hardly any demonstrators.

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