The Most Amazing Guinness Records of 2020

Editorial Planeta has presented the Guinness World Records 2021, a book in which, again, the most spectacular talents of our country and the rest of the world they have a place in these pages full of unprecedented feats and extraordinary milestones. This year’s compilation is as amazing as it is fun and includes Guinness World Records for science, nature, society, sports, entertainment, technology, robotics or animals.

In this year’s edition, the best Spanish records also have their own section, with group and individual achievements who have passed the strict process that gives access to an official GWR degree.

Did you know that only between 5 and 15% of annual applications are approved by this institution? Being a Guinness World Records is not an easy task. In addition, the organization receives an average of 100 requests per day coming from all over the world with the desire to achieve this figuration.

As an example, here are some of the Spanish records that have managed to win the award and be included in these pages: make the biggest red carpet, sell the most expensive cheese in the world, grow the heaviest sweet potato, have produced the highest percentage of wind power in one day, or have the most blue flag beaches.

Goiko Grill managed to create the largest human image of a hamburger. Total, 1,047 people were summoned by the national chain of restaurants who were placed in multi-colored layers in order to create the image of a gigantic cheeseburger. The feat was carried out in Madrid.

It is also necessary to highlight a Spanish with a record. Christian López de Toledo He is the man with the most records in our country. He entered the Guinness World Records in 2021 with his 15th record. What is it about? The person who has climbed the most consecutive steps juggling three objects at the same time. His adventure ended with this journey ascending to 2,082 steps. Brutal!

These are just some of the records that appear on these pages; Almost twenty national records are those that have managed to be part of the last edition (2021).