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Play sports from home and improve your health with these strange devices.

These are some of the most curious sports products you can find in AliExpress. From elastic bands to treadmills, through massagers and strange devices to exercise the wrists. All come with a discount, although they will only be available for Limited time.

The most curious products to do sports from home.

Treadmill: it can be the perfect device if you want to get in shape without leaving home. It will support a weight of up to 100 kilos and you can run at a maximum speed of 6 kilometers per hour. Synchronize it with your smartphone to know all the data of your sessions, it even has a stand to place a tablet and enjoy while you exercise. Buy on AliExpress: TreadmillElastic bands for fingers and hands: this pack includes 6 elastic resistance bands with which you can exercise comfortably from home. It also has a carrying bag, For less than 4 euros, what more are you going to ask for? Buy on AliExpress: Elastic bands for fingers and hands2L tank backpack: run without losing hydration with this backpack, it is comfortable and can carry up to 2 liters of your favorite drink. You will find it in Various colors. You have the opportunity to get it at half price, but only for a limited time. Buy on AliExpress: Backpack with 2L tankRoller massager: there is no better way to end a workout, a good massage and some stretching will relax your muscles. With these rollers for arms and legs it will be much easier, you take them with a 27% off. Buy on AliExpress: Roller massager9-in-1 push-up plate: you won’t have to think too much, this table comes with Printed instructions for easy exercise of various muscle groups. Tone your body without the need for knowledge and comfortably from your home. Buy on AliExpress: 9-in-1 push-up plateWrist exerciser: this curious device it will help you exercise your wrists in a simple way. Adjust it to your arm, modify the resistance to your liking and train strength and flexibility. You can take it with a 27% discount. Buy on AliExpress: Wrist exerciserWall punching bag: Training boxing at home is easier than you thought. Forget chains and that heavy bag that hangs from the ceiling, you just have to stick it on the wall to start practicing your strokes. Use it as a target and improve your hooks, you take it with a 33% off. Buy on AliExpress: Wall punching bagChest exerciser: comes with several resistances so you can put yourself to the test. 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and up to 30 kg for the most daring. It is very easy to use, you only have to turn each of the wheels, changing position will exercise different muscle areas. Buy on AliExpress: Chest exerciser

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