The most searched on Google in 2020: “why?”

Already the main searches and trends between the most searched in Google They made it clear to us: 2020 would be a year marked by the pandemic, the digitization of socialization, and the scene of the United States elections. Although other more current issues such as other tragic deaths or the launch of the new generation of consoles also managed to sneak into the top positions of this list.

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For its part, Google has wanted to de-frivolize all these listings, creating an inspiring video and an interactive website that show us that, in times of uncertainty, people seek understanding and meaning. And is that this year more than ever, the world focused on the search for “why?”.

2020: the pursuit of happiness

Unfortunately, with just a few months into the year, the entire world was engulfed in fear and uncertainty with the arrival and rapid spread of COVID-19. A disease that, in addition to taking away many loved ones, relegated us to a long confinement in our homes. And it is that although many perhaps thought that it would be something personal, the searches on the “sleeping problems” and the “insomnia” They did not take long to become one of the most present trends.

Days soon turned into weeks, and suddenly months, becoming such a routine that searches for “What day is today” reached their all-time high in April 2020.

However, we soon found what to do inside our homes, with a huge spike in searches for “How to garden”, doubled with respect to 2019, accompanied by fired searches for “recipes” Throughout the Spanish territory.

The most searched in Google 2020 orchard

Searches for “how to be an influencer” are constantly increasing every year. However, this year was something different, as it was searched even more times “How to be an ally”. We saw a shift in values ​​around the world as people turned their energies to being understanding, empathetic, and fighting to give a voice to people who didn’t have it.

And it is also in June, the searches for “How to be anti-racist” they skyrocketed, far outnumbering those who claimed “how to be a millionaire.” In fact, for the first time they began to search “Black Lives Matter” internationally, which increased searches for the subject by five compared to the previous year.

The most searched in Google 2020 anti-racist

But this was not the only change in mindset. Also during this year, we created collective awareness as searches for “Invisible disability” They doubled around the world, a type of disease that is not perceived from the outside, but that affects physically, mentally or neurologically the people who suffer, and that day by day they face all kinds of limitations and challenges without anyone in their control. around be aware.

Unfortunately, the searches and facts of the “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” They were not the only incentive to try to leave 2020 behind, with numerous disasters on a social, geographical and personal level. However, once again we managed to bring out the most positive part, how everyone decided to take action and seek “how to help” facing the fires in Australia, the city of Beirut, or simply how to contribute during the coronavirus.

COVID-19 vaccines

So much so, that searches for “How to make a donation” they managed to duplicate those of “how to save.” We were more interested in getting a better future than going back to the past. People searched “How to change” the world twice as often as how to get back to normal.

But above all, this year has been marked by worldwide searches for “How to thank” They reached their all-time high, with the teaching, medical, nursing and bus driver staff, and all those essential workers who became our lifeguards and heroes topping the charts.

Most searched in Google 2020 applause

And it is that during the first months, all the balconies, windows and portals were filled with our appreciation for these workers, in fact in Spain the word “applause” the most searched country in the world throughout 2020.

It was definitely a dark year and, yes, the most searched on Google proves it. But, at the very least, these searches have also shown us our more human side, and the endless and always positive quest to get over it all.

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