The most spectacular and expensive cars of Leo Messi

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

The love for the most exclusive cars in the world seems common among the best-known soccer players. Much has been said about buying a Bugatti Centodieci by Cristiano Ronaldo, a hypercar of 9.5 million euros. Leo Messi He has always been more discreet than the Portuguese player but that does not mean that he moves around in cars for all budgets. Not much less. Currently, one of the best players in the world monopolizes all the covers, both in the world of sports and in general newspapers. The reason is already known even to those who do not follow this sport: intends to leave FC Barcelona. Her departure seems inevitable, despite the ordeal launched by the club’s board, ready to resign as long as she stayed in the Blaugrana team. It will go, and it will after 16 years in the team that catapulted him and in which he has lived historical moments. It has also earned him to be one of the highest paid players in the world and, therefore, collect automotive jewelry in his garage.

The Argentine has a special taste for the largest vehicles on the market, with a prominent presence of well-equipped SUVs and SUVs. He also likes convertible silhouettes but does not usually walk around showing off his best units. It’s more, Lionel Messi is an ambassador for a brand so little known in Spain as Tata. It may sound like a disreputable brand and questionable quality to us Europeans, but as a company it is not doing badly at all. The Indian group Tata is the owner and mistress of a firm like Jaguar Land Rover. The player is the image of the Tata Tiago, name of his first child, but its name was not going to be that. This utility model was originally called Zika. It should sound like the mosquito-borne virus that has caused so much havoc in countries with a tropical climate. Logical that they change it.

Returning to Messi’s fleet of vehicles, supercars such as the Ferrari F430 Spider or the Audi R8 passed through his garage. Some high-flying classics such as the Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti, a beauty that was sold in 2018 but whose final owner has not been confirmed. Messi surely has more wonders than we know, but let’s review his most spectacular cars.