The most watched ‘foreign’ movie on Netflix in the US is Spanish

Another of the lists of the year is offered to us by the Netflix platform. In this case it is the most viewed of its catalog this 2020 and in the section corresponding to “international films”, that is, non-English speaking ones. Surely not surprising, as we already had news about their excellent view numbers, but number one, the most viewed, is a Spanish production: The hole directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia.

And also with spectacular data. Information disseminated by Netflix it is not accompanied by figures, but at the time he already revealed that during his first four weeks he had registered no less than 56 million views (Although it should be remembered that only two minutes are enough to count as one viewing). For example, in comparison, the Irish from Scorsese made 40 million in the same time period.

The hole (The Platform in its English title) coincided that it was available on Netflix as of March 20, and there is no doubt that the confinement added to the singular proposal of Gaztelu-Urrutia, also locking us in that vertical prison divided into different levels. But this dystopian social parable in a fantastic key even made the cover story, and on more than one occasion, in the film section of many digital media in the United States and other countries for the questions and enigmas it posed.

'The hole', the fantasy genre jewel that you should not miss

Recognized as the best film at the Sitges Festival in 2019 (when all this about confinements, quarantines and restrictions was not yet in sight), it was the first spanish production which has obtained such a distinction in the 53 years of the Catalan contest specialized in fantasy genre.

The pity is that it has not been able to round out its triumphant journey and repercussion being the one chosen by Spain for the Oscar for the best international film. But at least we will continue to be highly represented with the chosen candidate, The infinite trench.

Let’s go with the Netflix relationship, also in the section of foreign series. And be careful, because the list holds more surprises. There is another Spanish film among the ten most viewed and a series also Spanish in its corresponding category (guess which one?).

The most viewed international movies on Netflix USA

1. The hole (Spain)

2. Lost Bullet (France)

3. Rogue City (France)

4. #Vive (South Korea)

5. Ip Man 4: The End (Hong Kong)

6. The kidnapping of Stella (Germany)

7. Guapis (France)

8. Robbers (The Crew / Braqueurs)) – (France)

9. The practitioner (Spain)

10. Freaks: You are one of us (Germany)

The most watched international series on Netflix USA

1. Barbarians (Germany)

2. The Rain (Denmark)

3. Dark (Germany)

4. La casa de papel (Spain)

5. Dark desire (Mexico)

6. Ragnarok (Norway)

7. Always a witch (Colombia)

8. Towards the lake (Russia)

9. The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods (Japan)

10. Hakan, the protector (Turkey)

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