The new change of the Apple Store that you will love

The Apple Store They could never bore us Although the limitations of recent months limit the experience within the stores, Apple continues to make adjustments to make the visit of users more enjoyable, at least the few minutes that they can be inside their physical stores.

Apple arcade
Apple Arcade characters ready for an interactive experience at the Apple Store.

As has been seen in some branches since last week, the walls of the Apple Store have been “invaded” by the characters of the most popular Apple Arcade titles. They appear thanks to an experience based on QR codes.

The most famous characters of Apple Arcade take the Apple Store, literally …

Exactly a grid of acrylic app icons fills the backdrop to the new Apple Arcade Avenue. Each icon is handled by an iPad that plays an eye-catching animation. Current featured titles include Skate City, Crossy Road Castle, WHAT THE GOLF?, and more.

Apple Arcade at Apple Store
Apple Arcade room in the Apple Store

In addition to the live show, Apple has also created an experience that you can take home. Therefore, when pressing any of the acrylic icons, You are invited to continue on the App Store with a QR code that leads to Apple Arcade.

Like home made gaming bet, Apple Arcade is increasingly taking center stage in the Apple Store and other Apple services. Last year he did it with [pantallas en las tiendas que destacaban algunos de los primeros títulos populares disponibles en el servicio de suscripción.

También el año pasado, la compañía animó su sitio online durante varios días, invitando a los personajes más conocidos de Apple Arcade a hacer travesuras por toda la web de Apple.

De cara a su segundo año, Apple Arcade ya maneja un catálogo de más de 100 títulos que cada vez se torna más variados en cuanto a sus historias, buscando conquistar a un público más amplio. Como muestra, durante este mes ya anunciado al menos siete estrenos que de entrada suenan imperdibles.

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