The new from The Initiative may be something similar to Black Mirror

The Initiative, an internal Microsoft studio founded in 2018 based in Santa Monica, would have one of the largest budgets within the company and a team made up of veterans from Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Rockstar Games or Crystal Dynamics, among others, but so far the project they are working on remains a mystery. The latest leaks point to an episodic series in the purest Black Mirror style.

In the latest chapter of the XboxEra podcast (via WCCFTech), its participants discuss the latest rumors they have heard about The Initiative and agree that their first project could be an episodic series. Similar to Black Mirror, the famous Netflix series, each chapter would be a separate story, but without the need to share a common world with the rest of the frames.

« All these episodes of Black Mirror are linked, they take place within the same universe, » says insider Nick Baker. When I talked about The Initiative game, I am not saying that it is exactly like Black Mirror, but has that black mirror look. They are just things that we are hearing. I know that the episodic world is spoiled. « 

Although we still do not know what this project is about for sure, it is quite assimilated by the industry that -the Initiative and its games will be Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s blockbusters, like God of War or The Last of Us Part 2. Something that will not be very well received by the Xbox community, according to the host of this podcast.

«I don’t think the internet is going to react very well«, Comments the presenter. “This is going to be bad, a level of badness where people quit Xbox Game Studios. The fanboys are going to get really mad and throw away their Xbox and stuff. « 

Of course, this would not be a very positive scenario for the Xbox brand, although at the moment there is nothing confirmed about The Initiative game. It has been rumored for months that it could be some kind of Perfect Dark reboot. Could then be an episodic series of Perfect Dark? Would you be happy for Microsoft to create its own blockbuster games?

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