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GTA Online, the multiplayer side of Grand Theft Auto V, gets this week a whole string of news for Spanish players and from all over the world. Rockstar has taken care of sharing the details This update includes the new Vapid Slamtruck, double rewards, discounts, bonuses and the free Faded Vapid T-shirt. In addition, more Prime Gaming perks are coming and the speed of investigations in Arms Traffic has been doubled.

Introducing the Vapid Slamtruck, the dream of any film stuntman

Vapid Slamtruck in GTA Online

“Due to a series of accidents related to this model that have occurred lately, Vapid reminds potential buyers that a common consequence of piloting the Vapid Slamtruck is the constant squirting of cocoons trying to climb your highway ramp.“They write from Rockstar.” Does anyone try to get close? Dodge it, for God’s sake. “This vehicle can be found at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Double GTA $ & RP on the bnker series

Double the rewards in GTA Online

All underground modes in the bnker series will offer players double rewards to all participants. “The funniest things happen underground. In the case of the bunker series, this is literal: Descend beneath the earth’s crust and beats down in a cutting-edge shelter designed to withstand a thermonuclear apocalypse. Sounds relaxing? “They detail from the study.

Double GTA $ & RP in Gun Traffic sales

Double the rewards in GTA Online

If you don’t want to mess it up brown underground, you can always dedicate yourself to commercializing your material: Gun Traffic sales offer Double GTA $ & RP all week. “Fulfilling a demand has never been so pleasant. And if your lab rats need a little push, all Gun Traffic investigation speeds are doubled through January 27“Rockstar adds.

Old Vapid T-Shirt for Veteran Players

Vapid T-shirt in GTA Online

As a reward for your faithfulness, Players who earned the Vapid T-shirt during a previous GTA Online event will receive the sought-after Old Vapid T-shirt for free. “It is one of those vintage garments for which collectors pay a lot; take care of it,” they warn from Rockstar.

Podium Vehicle: Custom Vapid Peyote

What's new in GTA Online

If you manage to get out of your gigantic penthouse bed, stagger down the The Diamond Casino & Resort and try your luck at the wheel of fortune. This week you can take the keys to a custom Vapid Peyote, a classic lowrider, and every car thief’s dream.


If what you want is to disappear from the radar and get a base, take advantage of this week’s discounts on bunkers and their customizations, as well as discounts on vehicles to fill your garages and keep you company in the cavernous corridors of your underground refuge. Below you will find the complete list.

All bunkers 40% off Bunker upgrades and upgrades 30% off


Vapid Winky 25% offVapid GB200 40% offVapid Caracara 40% offVapid Caracara 4×4 40% offHVY APC 40% off

Prime Gaming

GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts get the Kosatka Submarine snar for free, plus GTA $ 200,000 just for playing anytime this week.

In addition, Prime Gaming members will receive exclusive offers – this week there are an impressive 80% discount on the Pegassi Osiris and another 70% discount on the Progen PR4. Don’t forget to visit Prime Gaming and sign up to stay up-to-date on current and future benefits.

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