the newspapers, hostages of Google, negotiate in dispersed order

The press has launched an assault on the Google fortress. Refusing to let the Internet giant use their articles without paying them, newspapers and magazines have been battling for two years to receive their due. But their troops attack the stronghold of Mountain View in dispersed order. The origin of the conflict lies in two words: neighboring rights. Either copyright reserved for the press to remunerate it for the provision of extracts from its articles or videos.

On the one hand, the political and general information titles (IPG), grouped together within theAPIG (Alliance of the general information press, of which the Tribune is part), which brings together 283 representatives of the national, regional, departmental and weekly regional daily press, have sealed an agreement with Google for the remuneration of their articles. On the other, the magazine and specialized press which refuses the deal and maintains its complaint. In the center: the French and European regulatory authorities who try to get everyone to agree.

With its ultra-dominant position – 92% of the search market in 2020 – and its Google News service (News in French) which aggregates the links of press articles, the search engine is essential for the visibility of titles. In 2013, the powerful German group Axel Springer, publisher of the Bild and Die Welt dailies and then the AEDE (Association of Spanish Newspaper Editors) in Spain tried to break free, in vain. Google shut down its News service in Spain and publishers had to beg for a return to the service. Axel Springer dropped the case after seeing a 40% drop in traffic and 80% in that from Google News. And lost his lawsuit in 2019 after claiming € 1 billion in unpaid copyright since 2013.

These setbacks did not prevent the Australian government from recently enacting a “binding code of conduct” (currently being examined by Parliament) targeting Google and Facebook with the result of penalties of several million euros in violation case. The reaction of the Californian giant has been true to its habits: threatens to close its search service in Australia. How digital nature abhors …

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